Our Investment Philosophy

Simply, we wish to minimise the risk of long term capital loss and deliver reasonable returns.

We build your portfolio to achieve desired risk and return objectives based upon a well researched assessment of the comparative risk/return characteristics of each asset class.  Unlike many financial advisers, we believe different asset classes vary between being under and over-valued, and we need to take that into account in creating our portfolios.

You will have exposure to each asset class in line with your chosen risk profile.

Our portfolios and the fund managers we use are reviewed regularly taking into account both economic and market conditions to determine the best positioning of investments. Some of our managers specialise in particular segments of the share market (e.g. small capitalisation shares) where it is easier to exploit market inefficiencies. We also look for funds or assets that will not correlate (or move together).

After determining an appropriate mixture of assets (called an Asset Allocation), we then determine the most effective way in which to obtain exposure to each asset class.

All investments have risk, so we diversify to ensure no single investment has a major impact on the overall portfolio.

Things we are not interested in:

  • Structured products
  • Investments that offer little transparency

These are the core principles we use in building our portfolios:

  • We minimise risks by diversifying carefully.
  • We use a long term proven methodology known as value focussed investing.
  • We look for “specialists” managers or special situations from time to time.
  • We minimise costs by looking at cost effective access to a particular asset class.
  • We consider direct equities where appropriate.